Beer Of The Week: 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust

I wanted to start the beer of the week off with one of my favorite brews of all time: 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust.

Zombie Dust is one of my favorite beers because it gets everything right. I like beers that play with your expectations. Maybe you get something and expect a big aftertaste or vibrant aroma but instead receive something else that’s subtle, or something with a dark beefy body but tastes light on the tongue. These types of beers, that are hard to pin down, routinely top my list of best brews. Zombie Dust is one of those beers.

Incorporating the Citra hops variety, it plays well in just about every category imaginable. The foam is frothy and sustaining, but it’s a dense, whippy kind of foam. The carbonation is absolutely on fire here and you should definitely pour this into a glass so you can see it in action. The aroma is there at the tip of your nose but not sustaining. The aftertaste is almost non-existent. It hits you up front with a mouthful of flavor and then disappears, like a zombie turning to dust in the sun light. It’s so many things and it’s not so many things.

A lot of this beers success is attributed to the hops they use, which is also why it’s hard to find this beer, but it’s hard to find this hop in mass quantities. If you check local hops houses you’ll find you’re limited to how much you can purchase. If you are a home brewer I would suggest dabbling with it once to see what you get. And then of course send me a sixer so I can enjoy it too.

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