Beer Of The Week: 3 Floyd’s Hopped In Half

Hopped In Half, from 3 Floyd’s, is a 22 ounce bomber from what I understand is a one off production run. This is a real shame, because this pilsner does what all 3 Floyd’s brews tend to do and that’s defy boundaries. Like all pilsners, it is light and crisp. Unlike most pilsners, it actually has quite a bit of flavor. A light aroma built up from a moderate dousing of hops gives it a pickup that the macro brews miss on, while still keeping that mildly sweet malt taste famous in the style. The beer itself is bright, with rolling carbonation. Like most pilsners too it has that light foamy head, but what 3 Floyd’s does so well in their beers is to produce a top that sustains longer than others and also offers some body to the drinker. This gives a multifaceted approach to the beer that I just don’t see in many other brewers.

A great brew from the Masters of Muenster.

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