Beer Of The Week: 3 Floyd’s Gumballhead

Gumballhead, an American Pale Wheat, is a regular production offering from 3 Floyd’s. The color is gold and the beer is quite clear, which differs from most of their other less filtered options. Carbonation has a nice roll to it, probably landing in the middle of this category in terms of action. Head pours foamy but settles quickly. To me, this is the first giveaway that it’s special. You would think a beer with good carbonation wouldn’t have a head settle so quickly, but it does. Remarkable.

Taste is exceptional and light enough to session this one out. It has a wonderful hop hit to it, probably less than what a hophead like myself looks for in a beer, but it’s a wheat not an ale. There’s no point in making it a wheat beer if you’re just going to pile hops on top of it. Speaking of wheat, there’s plenty of that in the aroma and moderate amounts in the taste. Speaking more about the taste, the best description I can give is that it’s juicy and citrusy. The hop varieties in here lends a lot to this flavor profile, relying solely on the Amarillo variety. Unfortunately, this might be a hard beer to clone as Amarillo is at the time of this writing hard to find, however, there is always hope that something turns up!

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