Beer Of The Week: 3 Floyd’s Wigsplitter

Wigsplitter is a big tasting oatmeal stout that couples itself with freshly ground espresso for a breakfast beer, if there were such a thing for us working folk, that will rock your world. It pours a dark black color with a small, creamy foam brown head and hits you with a nose full of coffee and booze. Smelling it is enough to wake you up and get you going. Carbonation is surprisingly enough on the more active side, and it’s easy to aggressively pour this beer and overfill the glass, so take it easy on this one!

Despite its dark, foreboding color, mouth feel was surprisingly moderate. However, note that this is not a sessionable beer as it cruises up to an impressive 7.7% ABV backed with a lot of heaviness to it. To be honest, this stout felt like a kick in the jaw on my first drink and I almost fell out of my seat. I’m not a fan of strong ales and this one is beefy. Every drink to me left me begging for it to stop, and I had to push myself to finish it. If you’re an ale fan try it, but if you like the hoppy pale ales you can pass on it.

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