Beer Of The Week: 3 Floyd’s Alpha King

Alpha King is a year round American Pale Ale offered from 3 Floyd’s that’s often considered their “flagship” beer. It pours a nice, deep orange/rust colored hue with a golden top that is on the less foamy side of the scale, yet lingering. Carbonation is on the milder side as and less pronounced than other Pale Ales, and if this makes sense from someone who looks at a lot of carbonation, the bubbles are smaller than what you typically see in other beers. Aroma is your standard grapefruit/citrusy front end expected of a well hopped beer, however there is some notable complexity here. Most of the deep taste of this beer relies on Centennial, Cascade, and Warrior hop varieties. Typically you see a beer relying on one or two these, not all three, which is why you get such a deep taste.

My suggestion is to drink this beer after sampling Zombie Dust, so you can experience how 3 Floyd’s plays around in this category. With one you’ll see something that delivers big on simple ingredients against another that uses complexity to reach its end goal. An absolute must try from one of my favorite craft breweries.

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