Beer Of The Week: Stone 10th Anniversary IPA

I came across this Stone 10th Anniversary IPA bomber in a special buy at a local liquor store that contained a foursome of limited edition brews. This particular IPA is a deep and malty IPA with a shopping 10% ABV. Released in 2006, this particular beer is one of the older ones I’ve sampled coming in at a decade old. As such, it’s a rare beer and limited release so if you find it on your shelves, give it a go.

Relying on a mix of hops including Chinook, Crystal, and Simcoe this double IPA is complex. Take into account that the beer aged for ten years and you can sense that you shouldn’t expect big bright flavors. Pour is slow with mild lacing that sustains itself as you empty the glass. Color is a blood orange and carbonation lazy and slow, with a lacy foam head that doesn’t sustain well. Aroma is boozy and sweet, like light molasses. Taste is all encompassing with a heavy mouth feel. The high ABV offers a big follow up to this mouthy beer. Very good, but not highly sessionable. If you find a couple of these bottles, make sure your home and have no plans for the evening!

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