Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Andromeda

Rhinegeist Andromeda is a Pale Ale that pours nicely into a deep orange color with a white foamy, sustaining head. The beer seems filtered and is fairly clear, with enough carbonation to remain soft on the palette. Aroma doesn’t match taste, with more on the nose than in the mouth.

Overall this beer is what I like about Rhinegeist. As there is a lot of craft brew out there that goes heavy in aroma, most of their beers are well crafted and with lower ABVs (this one is sub 6%) which makes them highly sessionable. Of course, this is because the state of Ohio has a limit on the ABV a beer can have, but Rhinegeist works well within these confines to produce very fine tasting beers. Personally, I don’t know if it’s a good marketing decision to have heavy beers with low ABVs, as people are going to drink them and not feel that buzz afterwards. This could leave a negative perception. As such, I think Rhinegeist is on the right path with their style, which is what I think is most consistent with Cincinnati style beer historically.

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