Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Mastodon

Rhinegeist Mastodon is a 22 ounce bomber with a whopping 9.80% ABV, which is higher than most other Rhinegeist offerings I’ve sampled to date. A Belgian Style Dark Ale, this beer has a lot going on given its style category to try to wrap your head around. First off, the color is that of a dark ale, with a black ruby look to it, which is consistent. Foam lacing is light with a sweet aroma to it. In some ways it reminds me of a winter ale, but with it being “Belgian style” I’m expecting fruity yeast flavors here instead, which is inconsistent. To be honest, I tend to find this more and more with Rhinegeist bottles. Sometimes I’m not sure what to think, are they just messing around and whiffing on styles or are they trying to be bold and push boundaries?

The high ABV gives it a somewhat boozy smell to it and finish. Other aromas I pick up include caramel and black cherry and what reminds me of an inside of a raisin box. Again, with it being a Belgian style ale I’m expecting more vibrancy, but this feels more subdued tinged with a peppery kick. Not a terrible offering though, and something worth trying.


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