Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Mosaic

Well, first and foremost I’ll be honest with you. I am a hop-head. Secondly, one of my favorite hop varieties is Mosaic. You would think I’d love this beer…and you’d be right! Between this and Founder’s Mosaic Promise, I just might buy a barrel full of these hops and spend the rest of my days brewing blissfully unaware of how the world turns.

Pouring smoothly with a nice brown foamy head that lingers with a nice lace, the light body is matched with a filtered, clearer look. Aroma is subdued, with a nice bouquet, not too overwhelming though, which is something I like about the Mosaic hop. I keep expecting to get punched by it but alas, she treats me nicely. A nice balance between malt and hop flavor, with citrus and buttery overlay to it, I ended up liking this offering more than the others from Rhinegeist I’ve sampled up to this date. Or at least that goes with their Rarity offerings.

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