Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Pure Fury

Rhinegeist Pure Fury is a Hoppy Pale Ale. If you’ve been reading my reviews, you’ll note that I am a hop head. I should add, this is a very good beer. What makes me even happier is that it is a 5.70 ABV, which means that you can drink plenty of them and not feel terrible afterwards. I love hoppy beers, but don’t like that some of them have such a high alcohol content, which can limit how many of them you can drink (I am middle aged, I don’t quite bounce back as quick as I used to when I was younger!)

Probably what makes me like this beer is that it does use the Amarillo and Mosaic hops, with Bravo and Cascade thrown in, which are very good choices. The pour is smooth with an orange hue and good lacing that lingers (to me all hoppy beers should lace well.) The hops throw citrus up in your face, and there’s some grassy smell to it but it’s not stale. Aroma and taste match each other, which I like. Overall a good beer, but nothing I’d say that blows open the category. However, it is both highly sessionable and tastes great around a campfire.

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