Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Saison Blue

Rhinegeist Saison Blue is a wheat based beer with a lot of that fruity taste that is popular in this style. My understanding is that this offering is the result of a partnership with Blue Oven farms, who supplied the organic wheat (didn’t know this was a thing) for the beer. Blue Oven Bakery offers a toast bar (didn’t know this was a thing either) at Findlay Market where they serve up different pieces of toast with exotic toppings on them.

Saison Blue is actually a pretty good beer although I typically dislike the overbearing Saison style, which I find sometimes way too fruity. A bright beer with a creamy top, it’s mild bread smell shows its malt characteristics. Everything about this, save for the big fruity taste, says it’s a Pilsner. And from what I understand, Pilsner is the lead malt used here (out of 4 here). A good beer to try.


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