Picture Expedition: Cincinnati Zoo

Since I’ve been a child, I have made an annual pilgrimage to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Most of these trips incorporated whirling through the zoo to see as many animals as possible. To be honest, I often didn’t pay attention to the exhibits. Oftentimes I was only concerned with not losing sight of my family, as the zoo was and is still a very busy place during the peak times of 10 until 2. However, now that we have an annual pass and I am an adult, I can slow down and really pay attention to the details as there’s no rush to see everything in one day. This has opened up a new level of appreciation for one of my favorite local institutions.

For our first visit since becoming Zoo members, I decided to bring my Canon DSLR with the 55-250MM lens and snap some pictures. It was fun taking these photos and then later researching the subjects on Zoo’s website to learn more about them and their native habitats. Now that I see what I captured, I feel the inclination to shoot as much of their collection as I can. This side challenge opens up some avenues in learning how to photograph so it would have some value doing, as the Zoo has an extensive insect collection where I could finally learn how to use the macro feature on my camera, and plenty of exhibits with open space to work on zoom shots.

Below are my favorite pics that I captured, starting off with a colorful array of tulips. Since it is spring, these were in bloom everywhere. Maybe on a future visit I’ll slow down even more and learn what some of the plants are too.




Ornate Monitor


Japanese Macaque (Snow Monkey)




Steller’s Sea Eagle


Asian Elephant


Indian Peacock


Siamang Gibbon


Chinese Alligator


Przewalksi’s Horse


    • Unlike the circus, zoos are dedicated to education and conservation. I’m not sure what their futures are, but I’m hoping that they stick around a while longer.

  1. I love the zoo here in Denver. I hope that the animal activists don’t take them from us. Next time I’m in Ohio I’ll have to see if family will take me to Cincinnati zoo.

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