Let’s Try That One Again

March was supposed to be a new start. It was the first month I had fished in over a year. I had made a resolution, after reviewing my fish log for 2016, that I would have more than one lone entry. Unfortunately, for January and February it seemed that my streaks of time spent totally off the water would continue, until I got a chance to fish North Carolina in March and broke that terrible and unnoteworthy cycle. Now it seems that March may have just been an anomaly.

April was turning out OK at first. A warm front had moved in and it seemed that the white bass would be where I needed them to be. Then I cleared a Saturday to hit the water, and no sooner had I made a calendar entry when the rain started. And for most of April, that rain didn’t stop.

Rivers were high and muddy as they worked to drain several inches of rain dumped in a single afternoon. Flash flood warnings persisted. April would end disappointingly.

One of the few bright moments of my sporting life for April lay in my successful election to a local shooting club. Almost 2 years of volunteering for fundraisers and maintaining areas of the property won me their trust and access to the club and all of its benefits. In many ways it was a supreme honor and verification that good work does not go unnoticed.

May is typically smallmouth bass fishing. The fish are usually off of their nests this month as long as warm weather hasn’t pushed them out of the creeks and back into the rivers. Fishing can be glorious at all times of the day, not just dawn and dusk. With us having such a chili spring this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if May this year becomes a standout month.

As of right now, I’m just working on the exercise bike and hoping for a good forecast.

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