Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Spike

Rhinegeist Spike Belgian Style Wit Beer is a beer built upon Magnum and Mandarina Bavaria hops. Malts include 2 Row and wheat, and the yeast used is the Celis White which lends itself to the name. Sweet Orange Peel is added in as well as a separate ingredient.

Light and clear, with a low IBU in the 15 range and a low alcohol content at 5.5%, this could land itself within the category of refreshing summer beer if it wasn’t for it’s tartness. But then again, I’m not a tart type of fan of anything, and give that lemonade is a popular summer drink (mine is always sweeter than not), I believe most people would find this highly palatable if they can get by its super aroma driven by the yeast used here. I did see them play with the style though, tossing aside the standard coriander/burnt orange peel for something fresher, which is what the brewers at Rhinegeist enjoy doing in all their beers.

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