I Think I’m Going To Like It Here

I spent a few hours Friday after work weed whacking along the lower lake’s shore at the gun club. This was the first time I’ve been back since being voted in last meeting, and the first time I’ve been allowed on the property without my sponsor since I’m now “oooo-fficial.” They were having an event Saturday and wanted the lake cleared so the kids could come down and fish. A buddy of mine who’s also a member has been stocking it full of fish and right now it’s got quite a bit of everything in it, although it’s a couple years off from really pumping out the big bass. After I finished trimming along the dam, I got out the rod and caught 3 small crappie on 3 successive casts. Not wanting to blow my fishing mojo for the spring, I put the rod away. Yeah, I’m kind of superstitious when it comes to fishing, not many things else, but definitely fishing. I don’t go as far as “no banana on the boat” superstitious, but definitely feel that if you get greedy on them you’ll eventually get shut out. To be honest, I was just happy to catch a fish in May and thus end my streak of not getting out.

After fishing I sat on the bumper of the Ford and listened to the cicadas and felt the breeze. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out in the woods by myself sitting in a field, probably going back to when I was a younger man and I could visit the family farm. There’s something about sitting by yourself away from people, it really gives you a chance to think and relax. Next time though I’ll definitely bring the bug spray, because I got ate up by just about everything that crawls.

Beyond that, it was a great afternoon.


fishing pond in Kentucky

The fishing pond at the gun club

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