My name is Joshua Rust and I enjoy drinking beer and tying flies. I built H+H to explore the glorious American craft beer movement and to break down new and classic fly patterns for both the novice and expert tyer and a bit about conservation of our natural resources, an important topic for outdoors people. I want to also share my favorite books, video games, and binge worthy TV shows.

I do not take a curatorial approach to blogging by gathering the latest fly fishing and craft beer news. There are plenty of sites out there that have their finger on the latest industry happenings and they do a very good job at it and I’m not trying to be them. I will share some short notes via Twitter at the #HpHkBlog hashtag that I do fine notable but not enough to comment on. I will offer a more in depth analysis on some events of interest on the Facebook page, and share that on here as well if you’re not a fan of social media. Of course, my photography does end up on Instagram, which is quickly becoming my preferred tool. So, follow these if you’re interested at all in these topics or what I’m doing on the blog. Cheers!